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AirsoftPro 90 Degree Metal Trigger Group Assembly Set Gen. 4.1 for VSR Series (MB-02/03/07/10/11/12)

Product photos still show the old Gen. 3 trigger group assembly.

The CNC machined trigger group assembly by AirsoftPro is meant to replace the VSR series' infamous 45 degree stock assembly. The AirsoftPro 90 degree trigger assembly does not suffer from common problems found in the 45 degree system, like “slam fires” when the gun fires too early, or the heavy cocking caused by the piston getting stuck in the cylinder.

The 90 degree system locks the piston completely horizontally along the cylinder. In addition, the reinforced structure can also withstand the use of heavier springs and it significantly reduces friction and corrosion.

Thanks to the advanced design of the AirsoftPro trigger assembly the response time and feel of the trigger have been improved and the most wearing parts of the assembly (spring guide stopper, trigger and piston sear) have been made especially durable for high upgrades. The high-quality parts and innovative design guarantee that the use of your airsoft gun is easier and more fun, and the performance is more consistent. Also, the AirsoftPro trigger assembly is one of the best upgrade sets on the markets for spring-powered VSR series rifles, when it comes to quality-price ratio.

Compatible with:

  • Tokyo Marui VSR-10
  • Jing Gong BAR10
  • AGM MP001/2 (a possible compatibility problem with the piston)
  • Well MB-02/03/07/09/10/11
  • CYMA CM701

The package contains:

  • Trigger assembly
  • Hybrid piston
  • Spring with optional power M140-M170
  • Spring guide with 7 mm diameter
  • Spring guide sleeve for 9 mm springs
  • Ball bearings


  • CNC machined structure from light and durable aluminum 6061-T6
  • Aluminum parts with high-quality anodized surface
  • Piston sear, spring guide stopper, trigger and piston sear (1st and 2nd sear) are manufactured from steel and hardened to HRC 28-32. Also axis are also steel
  • Trigger with ball bearings for better feel
  • Two springs make sure that the sear works smoothly
  • Tested with up to M180 springs
  • 21 parts in total
  • No safety catch
  • Easy to install in less than ten minutes

The upgraded fourth generation (Gen. 4.1)

  • Body is now matte black
  • Redesigned spring guide stopper: cycling is now easier as stopper has been moved forward
  • Spring guide is made from polished steel to ensure smooth operation
  • Almost complete piston redesign: steel part has been shortened, cutting away a quarter from piston’s weight. This makes the piston faster. Also rubber pad in front has been widened

The fourth generation (Gen. 4)

  • Totally new design – easier to attach with two screws
  • Longer and rounded trigger sear resulting in more sensitive trigger
  • Trigger pull is adjustable. Adjustment is done with a 1.5 mm hex key.
  • Safety lever spot has been removed
  • New springs correspond better to announced M-value.

The third generation (Gen. 3)

  • A new steel spring guide with ball bearings, with which you can use 7 mm and 9 mm springs (comes with a sleeve).
  • The ball bearings let the spring rotate around its axle, which makes the cocking of the gun lighter and easier.
  • The new body design makes the installation easier.
  • The new VDSiCR springs are shorter (marked with an S) because of the ball bearings. The true muzzle velocity is closer to the M value reported. The older, longer springs no longer work with this set.
  • New packaging

The second generation (Gen. 2)

  • The piston’s structure is lighter and a plastic guide ring guarantees better sliding in the cylinder.
  • The brass attachment piece attaches with just one screw.
  • The sear is 0.6 mm longer than in the 1. generation (= piston locks better into back position).
  • The structure of the trigger has been improved and it wiggles less.
  • You can use a stock safety catch with the assembly (tested with Well models).

AirsoftPro as a manufacturer:

AirsoftPro is a Czech airsoft shop and manufacturer which has developed precision upgrade parts for airsoft guns for years already. Originally, AirsoftPro designed parts for the spring-powered SVD, and has expanded its product range to upgrade parts meant for electric airsoft guns. In addition, the 90 degree trigger assemblies designed for sniper rifles are indisputably best sellers of AirsoftPro.

The majority of the top products of AirsoftPro are CNC machined which guarantees high-quality in their upgrade parts. AirsoftPro also strives to develop their products based on customer feedback which speaks of genuine interest in the airsoft industry.

Watch AirsoftPro’s installation video below

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