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Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
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Mil-Tec ACU Ripstop Military Uniform Jacket, Digital Woodland

Digital Woodland is a copy of the U.S. Marine Corps MARPAT-uniform still partly in use, which belongs to the so-called “digital uniforms”. The black, brown, and green dappled uniform is well suited also for Nordic forests, and it is durable, comfortable and stylish.

The ACU-model is a very practical and very form-fitting cut, which was originally designed as the U.S. Army service uniform, to replace the old BDU. The model was soon gaining popularity in other parts of the world, and today copies of the suit are manufactured all over the world.

On the other hand, this is no wonder, because the cut is designed with infinite precision and the wearer has really been considered. In addition, the material is a durability-proven 100% cotton ripstop fabric, so you wouldn’t be able to immediately rip it. In practice, ripstop refers to a special treatment stage during which fabric-reinforcing threads (e.g. nylon) are sewn horizontally and vertically into the fabric forming a net of small squares, less than 1 cm that prevent tearing.

The jacket is closed with a zipper and Velcro. The jacket has two diagonal chest pockets and large sleeve pockets. All pockets are closed with Velcro. The collar is a raised “mandarin model” and can be closed on the front side. Sleeve cuffs are tightened with Velcro. The jacket also has three Velcro parts on the chest, on which you can attach, for example, a badge, your name and title.

Pattern: Digital Woodland
Cut: ACU
Material: 100% cotton

Number size Letter size Chest circumference Height
42 XS 84 cm 164-170 cm
44 XS ½ 88 cm 164-170 cm
46 S 92 cm 170-176 cm
48 S ½ 96 cm 176-182 cm
50 M 100 cm 176-182 cm
52 M ½ 104 cm 182-188 cm
54 L 108 cm 182-188 cm
56 L ½ 112 cm 188-194 cm
58 XL 116 cm 188-194 cm
60 XL ½ 120 cm 188-194 cm
62 2XL 124 cm 188-194 cm
64 2XL ½ 128 cm 188-194 cm
66 3XL 132 cm 188-194 cm

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