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Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
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Templar's Gear SCR12 Squire Split Chest Rig Panel, Ranger GreenTemplar's Gear SCR12 Squire Split Chest Rig Panel, Ranger GreenTemplar's Gear SCR12 Squire Split Chest Rig Panel, Ranger GreenTemplar's Gear SCR12 Squire Split Chest Rig Panel, Ranger GreenTemplar's Gear SCR12 Squire Split Chest Rig Panel, Ranger GreenTemplar's Gear SCR12 Squire Split Chest Rig Panel, Ranger Green
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Templar's Gear SCR12 Squire Split Chest Rig Panel, Ranger Green

This chest rig certainly isn’t a tactical squirrel but a shield bearer or a landowner. You can decide for yourself which team you belong to!

Squire is a small and light chest rig designed to carry only the necessary. Thanks to its size it does an excellent job as the front panel of a plate carrier.

Split Front design makes this rig easy to put on and to use, especially when combined with the ULPH Harness to attach a battle belt and/or backpack panel!

Technical specifications:

  • Each panel has a 6 × 3 PALS/MOLLE matrix, so 12 × 3 rows in total. The “between-rows” can also be used. The matrix is two-sided so it’s possible to attach pouches also on the inside, for example a flat admin pouch works well as a map pouch!
  • Compatible with SwiftClip system, so e.g. with Templar’s Gear’s own CPC Plate carrier.
  • To use the Squire as a chest rig, it needs a harness: Templar’s Gear ULPH is an excellent pal!
  • Manufactured from 500 denier Cordura, weighs a measly 135 g
  • In addition to the rig itself, two straps are included which can be used to attach the flapping ends to e.g. a plate carrier.
  • With clever use of buckles and other knick-knacks the Squire can be attached to pretty much anything


As this is an extremely diverse platform, it’s almost impossible to list all the options in a limited space. Nevertheless, let us go through the most important and best tips and tricks!

Templar’s Gear ULPH

Combined with Templar’s ULPH Harness it’s easy to make a simple minirig with the Squire. The harness also enables a lot more: with the included straps and National Moulding quick detach buckles the rig can be firmly attached to a plate carrier: just thread the hip strap with the cummerbund through the holes at the back of the plate carrier and secure them to the front of the rig to prevent the sides from flapping like Dumbo’s ears. The buckles can also be directly attached to the cummerbund! If the rig is used solely as a panel attached to a plate carrier, the ULPH isn’t needed per se.

Plate Carriers

The Squire, at least with small assisting buckle and strap combinations, fits pretty much any SwiftClip style plate carriers, it’s only a matter of how one wants to attach the sides. Take note that, for example, with ROC style plate carriers the sides of the panel lay on top of the ROC buckles. They are still pretty easy to manipulate when the front buckles of the panel are opened! And by wearing the Squire on top of the ROC buckles, you get to use the space taken by the ROC buckles for attaching pouches. So, a win some, lose some situation!

Tasmanian Tiger Assault Pack 12

The Tasmanian Assault Pack with its harness can be combined with the Squire into an unbeatable package, in which it’s easy to carry the necessary battle equipment on the front and non-combat items, e.g. nutrition, are on the back. This set can also be combined with a battle belt! The Split Front opening helps this set a lot: the whole configuration can be put on just like a regular combat vest!

Templar’s Gear – laser cut quality

Templar’s Gear represents the renaissance of European military gear manufacturers that began in the 21st century. American manufacturers dominated the tactical gear market for a long time, but the Old World was not yet ready to throw in the towel. In this continuum, Templar’s Gear represents the leading edge of high-quality, modern and well-designed gear. The defining characteristic of the company is that their products are manufactured using laser cutting and 500 denier Cordura, which makes the products a lot lighter without compromising reliability. Special attention has been paid to quality control in Templar’s pouches and gear, because a significant portion of the company’s customers are officials, whose safety and well-being might depend on the gear. The materials used by Templar’s Gear are IRR protected, so the user won’t glow in the night vision devices like a Ukrainian firefighter.

Extended two-year warranty

Templar’s Gear products are granted a two-year warranty. In more concrete manner this means that for example products sold this spring will have warranty for two action packed seasons of airsoft, shooting or whatever you decide to do with them.

The warranty covers all problems that might arise from defective materials or poor craftsmanship. Carelessness or misuse voids the warranty.

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