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GATE ASTER™ V2 Basic Drop-In MOSFET/Microcontroller Unit (Rear Wired)GATE ASTER™ V2 Basic Drop-In MOSFET/Microcontroller Unit (Rear Wired)GATE ASTER™ V2 Basic Drop-In MOSFET/Microcontroller Unit (Rear Wired)GATE ASTER™ V2 Basic Drop-In MOSFET/Microcontroller Unit (Rear Wired)GATE ASTER™ V2 Basic Drop-In MOSFET/Microcontroller Unit (Rear Wired)GATE ASTER™ V2 Basic Drop-In MOSFET/Microcontroller Unit (Rear Wired)
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GATE ASTER™ V2 Basic Drop-In MOSFET/Microcontroller Unit (Rear Wired)

Space Age is already here.

GATE ASTER™ is Titan’s little brother who isn’t lagging behind its big brother, especially not in the quality-price ratio. The idea of the BASIC Edition is to be durable and adequate in all circumstances, but at the same time can be updated to provide almost all the same features as Titan does.

ASTER works the same way as Titan, replacing the normal trigger assembly of an AEG and ascends it to the space age: instead of mechanical trigger switches the operation is handled by optical sensors.

Features in a nutshell:

  • Two-year (2) warranty! Take note, the warranty does not cover one’s own muck ups. If installation seems dubious, you should seek help of an expert.
  • Reverse-polarity protection
  • 250 settings for trigger-sensitivity
  • Programmable either with the trigger or the Gate Control Station app (Android, Windows, iOS and macOS.) NB! There are two different versions of Gate Control Station, one for ASTER and one for TITAN! You can download the app from GATE’s website here.
  • RGB led making the programming with the trigger easier
  • No need to remove the cut-off lever
  • No need for gearbox modification. However, KRYTAC guns require the removal/modification of the bolt release
  • Supports all kinds of gears
  • Supports Binary Trigger and AUG/Two-Stage trigger
  • Maximum rate of fire 50 rounds per second
  • Firmware can be updated through internet via the Gate Control Station

Included with the package:

  • ASTER™ unit
  • Velcro patch
  • Instruction card for features programmable with the trigger
  • Installation kit
  • Quick Start Guide

NB! If you intend to use ASTER with the Gate Control Station, you need the helping hand of the USB-Link or Blu-Link!

Features in more detail:

Basic version features that can be programmed with the trigger:

Features that can be programmed with the trigger are naturally also available with the Gate Control Station.

  • Firemodes: SAFESEMIAUTO, SAFESEMISEMI, SAFEBINARYAUTO and SAFESEMIBURST. Additional pre-programmed GCS setting included!
  • Burst-fire: can be set to toggle (so one trigger pull fires the whole burst) or hold, where the burst keeps firing while the trigger pull is held or the whole burst is fired. One additional setting pre-programmed with the GCS.
  • Pre-cocking: ON / OFF
  • Voltage protection: OFF / LiPo and Li-Ion / Li-Fe
  • Under voltage alarm: OFF / 3.2V / GCS setting
  • Active brake: AUTO / OFF / GCS setting
  • Diagnostics: rudimentary reporting by the unit via motor vibration. Quickstart guide contains the key for deciphering these vibrations. Error codes can also be reset with the trigger. In addition, the unit can be reset to default and factory setting with the trigger
  • Mechanism cycle monitoring is set on by default. This can also be set off with the GCS.

Basic version features programmable with the Gate Control Station:

  • Ability to limit the capacity of a magazine: OFF / 30 BBs. Limiting the magazine capacity also limits the automatic fire to 30 BBs.
  • Rate of fire adjustment: six settings. The unit does the job by limiting the voltage that reaches the motor after firing the first BB.
  • Magazine change delay: OFF / 3 seconds
  • Voltage protection: OFF / LiPo and Li-Ion / Li-Fe
  • Under voltage alarm: OFF / 3.2V / 3.4V
  • Active brake: AUTO / 0% – 20% – 40% – 60% – 80% – 100%
  • Two-State (aka AUG) trigger
  • Shot counter: four users available; most recent, user 1, user 2 and factory.
  • Diagnostics: error codes, aka DTC codes in GATE terminology, are naturally also readable with the GCS.
  • Mechanism cycle monitoring: ON / OFF
  • Updates, notification settings and presets can naturally also be set with the Control Station. This way you can update your BASIC unit to an ADVANCED version. The most notable ADVANCED version benefits are statistics and ASTER World Rankings!


GATE Electronics is a Polish company which made its debut on the airsoft market in 2008. Their goal is to provide high-tech electronics for airsoft players worldwide. GATE’s product range consists of MOSFET circuits for all kinds of uses, whether you want a MOSFET which only works as a MOSFET or a MOSFET circuit where almost everything is programmable. The GATE products are easy to install and reliable in use. The products are thoroughly tested and the company listens closely to feedback from end users to uphold the quality of their products.

24-month warranty

GATE MOSFETs have an extended 24-month warranty. It covers manufacturing defects and problems that come up in normal use. The warranty does not cover any fault that is caused by a faulty installation or misuse, like one caused by too high a voltage. You have to use a separate fuse, which protects the MOSFET from short circuits especially with more powerful LiPo batteries, when using NanoASR, -AAB and PicoAAB MOSFETs or SSR series MOSFETs which do not have an electronic fuse. The use of a separate fuse in other MOSFETs is recommended. You will find installation instructions on GATE's website or in Tradetech

Check the complete GATE collection here!

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