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Lambda 6.05mm Five Steel Precision Inner Barrel for AEG (509mm)Lambda 6.05mm Five Steel Precision Inner Barrel for AEG (509mm)
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Lambda 6.05mm Five Steel Precision Inner Barrel for AEG (509mm)

Five series barrels are the flagship models of Lambda: manufactured from stainless steel (SUS304), a rectangular window cut straight (R/ECS users NB!) and unfathomable tolerance of one (1) micron.

1 Micron, the what now?

Micron means one micrometer, in other words one millionth of a meter or one thousandth of a millimeter. In practice the machining is so precise, that even a bacterium on the upper edge of the barrel would be so big that it’d be squished between the barrel and a BB’s path through the barrel.

Why 6.05 mm?

When it comes to precision barrels, sometimes there seems to be sort of a “tightness fetish,“ in which the smaller inner diameter is always seen as the best. However, the truth is more complex than that. A tighter barrel does give a somewhat bigger muzzle velocity, but it isn’t the best option when precision is desired. Even if the barrel is very precisely manufactured, airsoft games don’t happen in hermetically sealed environment and every possible thing inside a barrel affect the accuracy of a tight barrel more than a loose barrel.

Like the old jungle apothegm says, 6.08 mm barrels are the most accurate, but sacrifice FPS greatly. We here at Tradesoft don’t believe in extremes, but in compromises proven to be good: 6.05 mm is accurate and tight enough to not make the air spillover a problem. So, choose the best, but not the tightest, model in the market!

Lambda Five AEG barrel features:

  • Manufactured from stainless steel (SUS304)
  • A rectangular window cut straight, length of 5.2 mm
  • Unbelievably tight tolerances

Passion for the Best Barrels in the World

Lambda had its beginning when the founder had been a long-serving employee at PDI, another manufacturer of excellent barrels. Yet Tomo pondered: what if we’d make even better barrels? The company has its headquarters in Osaka, Japan, where the barrels are also manufactured. Lambda is part of the long Japanese tradition of craftsmanship philosophy: its namesake was the launch vehicle that got the first Japanese satellite to orbit in 1970.

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