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Bayonet Outdoor Belt with Cobra Buckle, BlackBayonet Outdoor Belt with Cobra Buckle, BlackBayonet Outdoor Belt with Cobra Buckle, Black
44,90 €

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Bayonet Outdoor Belt with Cobra Buckle, Black

The Outdoor is one of the smallest and lightest of Bayonet’s collection. And it is meant to be a light pants belt, not to carry heavy loads, even though it is definitely sturdy enough! Because it is narrow, it fits to almost any pants, even in slacks. This gives you a great opportunity to show off your tactical soul in public without embarrassment!

You can also consider using it as an inner belt in battle belts if you know you’re going to be sitting a lot and you know a bigger buckle is in the way. It is great, for example, with the PT5!


  • Strong Cobra buckle, breaking load 9 kilonewtons! The locking system opens only if you press both release clips open.
  • Length 130 cm, width 33 mm
  • The belt weighs 130 grams

Is the belt too long?

No problem! You can cut off the excess and melt the ends with a lighter so that it won’t unravel.

Bayonet – passion for the Best Belts in the World

Bayonet is a Polish company that manufactures belts for hard use. The company started as one man’s pet project, but as the belts were excellent, its popularity started to quickly increase.

The belts are handmade in Poland and the quality control is top notch. The pedantic nature of work is reflected on the fact that in the two-part belts there are stitches on the invisible side to taper the end, which is something most companies do not bother with. Bayonet belts are used by professionals all over the world.

5-year warranty

Bayonet offers a 5-year warranty to their products! The warranty covers all flaws that manifest with normal wear and tear. Intentional mishandling of the product is not covered. During its existence, the company has sold tens of thousands of belts and there are less than 0.05 percentage of returns, which speaks to the quality of the products!

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