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Templar's Gear PT5 Battle Belt, M05Templar's Gear PT5 Battle Belt, M05Templar's Gear PT5 Battle Belt, M05Templar's Gear PT5 Battle Belt, M05Templar's Gear PT5 Battle Belt, M05Templar's Gear PT5 Battle Belt, M05Templar's Gear PT5 Battle Belt, M05Templar's Gear PT5 Battle Belt, M05
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Templar's Gear PT5 Battle Belt, M05

It’s been a long time coming – the M05

Tradesoft is proud to present the fruits of co-operation with Templar’s Gear: tactical combat gear with the Finnish M05 camouflage! The aim of this co-operation is to fill a torso-sized hole in the Finnish gear market: before this, it was not possible to have a full combat gear set available with the domestic M05 pattern.

We had contemplated on acquiring M05 combat gear before, but had not found a suitable manufacturer before Templar’s Gear. The actual idea of this project was born in the fall of 2017 when the first Templar’s Gear products landed at our headquarters. After finding a suitable friend and partner in Poland, it was obvious that we had to present this gift to the airsoft/reserve forces/military/defence forces/SRA shooting communities and everyone interested in the Finnish camouflage pattern.

The unbearable lightness of tomorrow

The PT5 is a minimalist battle belt by design and it locks in place to the included under belt, which in turn is threaded to your pants like a normal belt. Thus, a steady package with a small footprint is created. The real advantage of the belt is the PALS matrix that follows a smart 0.5-1-0.5 breakdown. The matrix has a full PALS row in the middle and on top and bottom of it are half rows, so that you can attach pouches more or less normaly to the belt. See the product images for example on how to attach a FAST magazine pouch to the belt! In addition, the belt is equipped with pass-throughs so that you can thread the inner belt to go over the sleeve.


  • Sleeve and under belt that attach to each other – both have loop Velcro and thus do not gather dirt to them. The belts are attached with four hook and hook adapters that are easy to position to wanted positions and detach for cleaning if they are full of sand or snow.
  • Ample attachment space: In size S there is a 20 × 1 PALS matrix, in size M a 22 × 1, in size L 24 × 1 and size XL 26 × 1.
  • A very light structure: Size S weighs 170 grams, M 190 grams, L 200 grams and XL 210 grams
  • The main material is 500D Foxdura
  • The width of the sleeve part is 53 mm
  • Basically, any belt that is maximum of 45 mm wide can be used as an inner belt.

Note! The inner belt is sold separately, we recommend a sturdier belt equipped with a Cobra buckle, like these from Bayonet ja Helikonilta!

Hey! If you are going to use the battle belt with multiple different pants we recommend getting another under belt. This way you don’t have to take out and put in the under belt every time.

Materials & manufacturing

The Templar’s Gear M05 products are manufactured from the Finnish Foxa 500 denier Foxdura fabric by using laser cut technology, which enabled us to reduce the weight of the gear without compromising reliability. The material meets the Finnish Defence Forces' requirements for IRR protection and the other materials are also IRR treated. This means that the products can be safely used even in situations where you need to be hidden in an IR zone!

The laser cut PALS webbings are also extremely durable, because they don’t have stitches which are prone to wear and tear. Special attention has been paid to quality control in Templar’s pouches and gear, because a significant portion of the company’s customers are officials, whose safety and well-being might depend on the gear.

Conscription in Finnish military

Well, since someone’s going to ask anyway, let’s answer: we do not know if this gear can be used when you are in general conscription. If you want to be polite, you can ask your officer, if it’s okay to use your own gear. However, it’s usually easier to apologize later than to get permission. If necessary, we recommend you demonstrate the features of the gear, for example in an IR zone, where you can clearly prove that this gear has been made for military use and is not some Chinese knock-off.

Extended two-year warranty

Templar’s Gear products are granted a two-year warranty. In more concrete manner this means for example products sold on this spring will have warranty for two action packed seasons of airsoft, shooting or whatever you do with them.

Warranty covers all problems that should arise from defective materials or poor craftsmanship. Carelessness or misuse voids the warranty.

Sizing system:

As the PT5 consists of three parts, choosing the right size is a little bit more complicated than normal, but you should manage it well with the instructions below.

In the first column, there is a recommended user’s waist circumference and then the absolute measurements of the belt.

Size Recommended waist Max. length of under belt The length of the sleeve
S 84-91 cm ~92 cm 77 cm
M 91-98 cm ~99 cm 84 cm
L 98-105 cm ~106 cm 91 cm
XL 105-118 cm ~118 cm 99 cm

The recommended waist is estimated with a Cobra buckle which length is around 7 cm. Different sized buckle naturally changes the way the belt fits!

We recommend that you first choose the size so that the ends of the sleeve will not overlap and will leave enough room for the buckle that has to fit between the ends of the sleeve. A person whose size goes between the ones given in the table should choose the smaller size so that there is enough room for the buckle between the ends of the sleeve.

You don’t have to worry about the size of the under belt as much, because it can be adjusted steplessly to be very small.

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