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Templar's Gear CPC Shingle Panel for Three Rifle Mags, MulticamTemplar's Gear CPC Shingle Panel for Three Rifle Mags, MulticamTemplar's Gear CPC Shingle Panel for Three Rifle Mags, MulticamTemplar's Gear CPC Shingle Panel for Three Rifle Mags, Multicam
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Templar's Gear CPC Shingle Panel for Three Rifle Mags, Multicam

The CPC is a shingle panel for three rifle magazines.

The PALS/MOLLE is one handy invention, but sometimes you just need lightness and simplicity. Templar’s Gear answers your call with this front panel, whose idea is to simply carry the magazines without any extra nonsense. The nonsense is not completely forgotten, however, because the pouches have been stiffened so that the magazines are easier to slip in and out. In addition, the inner surface has rubber to offer friction like in FAST pouches.

The size of the pouch is best with M4/M16/STANAG magazines and AK74 magazines. With AK47 and RK magazines the locking lugs and the curve of the magazines are a problem and their use is not intuitive or fluent. In addition to the previously mentioned magazines, the narrower magazines without studs meant for 5.56×45 mm cartridges are also a nice fit. These include i.a. the AUG series magazine and the SIG55X series magazines without studs.

The panel comes with two female side release Fastex buckles that can be used as spare parts or to make your own chestrig projects. With the buckles, side loops and some creativity you can basically attach the panel to any carrier or plate. Thanks to the buckle attachments the panel is also compatible with most SwiftClip style placards.

Technical specifications:

  • Manufactured from 500D Cordura
  • Every pouch is covered with 2 × 2 PALS/MOLLE matrix
  • The back is completely draped with hook velcro
  • Drainage holes in the pouch bottoms
  • The buckles are high-quality products by National Moulding
  • Weighs 190 grams (a standard front panel with FAST pouches for one rifle magazine weighs 325 grams!)
  • Outer measurements without magazines or buckles: 25 × 16 × 3 cm.

Templar’s Gear – laser cut quality

Templar’s Gear represents the renaissance of European military gear manufacturers that began in the 21st century. American manufacturers dominated the tactical gear market for a long time, but the Old World was not yet ready to throw in the towel. In this continuum, Templar’s Gear represents the leading edge of high-quality, modern and well-designed gear. The defining characteristic of the company is that their products are manufactured using laser cutting and 500 denier Cordura, which makes the products a lot lighter without compromising reliability. Special attention has been paid to quality control in Templar’s pouches and gear, because a significant portion of the company’s customers are officials, whose safety and well-being might depend on the gear. The materials used by Templar’s Gear are IRR protected, so the user won’t glow in the night vision devices like a Ukrainian firefighter.

Extended two-year warranty

Templar’s Gear products are granted a two-year warranty. In more concrete manner this means that for example products sold this spring will have warranty for two action packed seasons of airsoft, shooting or whatever you decide to do with them.

The warranty covers all problems that might arise from defective materials or poor craftsmanship. Carelessness or misuse voids the warranty.

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