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Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Action Army T10, FDEAction Army T10, FDEAction Army T10, FDEAction Army T10, FDEAction Army T10, FDEAction Army T10, FDEAction Army T10, FDE
289,00 €

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Action Army T10, FDE

Action Army became known as the manufacturer of quality upgrade parts. The T10 is the manufacturer’s first spring-powered bolt action rifle! On the inside, the gun is equipped with high quality basic parts and a 90-degree trigger group assembly. The hop-up unit is a “standard” VSR-10 chamber but make no mistake: the hop-up lever is thicker, so that it does not have room to twist and turn inside the gun and affect accuracy. The tensioner is also longer and curved, so that it’s contact with a BB is as golden as Diego Armando Maradona’s.

The outer features:

  • A fake magazine that fits a VSR magazine (or gummy bears, tools or extra batteries for optics…)
  • A G-Spec style outer barrel with threads on the end for a G-Spec silencer or adapter
  • Adjustable cheek pad with a locking wheel
  • Adjustable stock with spacers. One spacer included.
  • A total of six sling mount attachment points: at the front, near the trigger guard and at the rear
  • Sling mount/bipod attachment pin. The pin is attached with screws, so it is moveable!
  • Under and on both sides, there are attachment points for attaching equipment rails: space underneath is around 15 cm and on the sides around 22 cm.
  • Excellent ergonomics and nicely textured surface
  • See-through 50 BB magazine

The inner features:

  • Complete compatibility with Tokyo Marui VSR-10 series internals
  • 90-degree trigger group assembly and piston
  • Adjustable trigger (adjusted with a 1.5 mm hex key)
  • Improved hop-up chamber

As a firearm – a classic meets the 21st century

Like the other VSR series guns the T10 is based on the Remington 700 series rifle. The stock of the T10 is carefully modeled after the American J. Allen Enterprise stock conversions. The stocks in question are known as especially high quality and functional products in firearm circles. The company’s products are mainly used by private individuals, but some military and law enforcement authorities use them as well.

The Remington 700 series' guns are in use with the US Military and also with the authorities of some different countries. The army version is called an M24 and the marine version is called an M40. Originally, the gun was released already back in 1962 and during its time it has seen several versions and iterations of which the J. Allen stock is no doubt one of the best!

Each gun individually tested by us:

The functionality of all our guns is tested and the muzzle velocity measured before shipping. The velocity is measured with a 0.20 g BB and the final muzzle velocity is calculated from the average of five (5) shots. In fact, the muzzle velocities you see in our online shop are approximations reported by the supplier or manufacturer. Thus, the actual muzzle velocity of your gun may differ from the approximation upwards or downwards. However, we always mark the final muzzle velocity on the maintenance and user manual provided with the gun.

Name: Action Army T10, FDE
Product code: -
Manufacturer: Action Army
Color: FDE
Muzzle energy: 0,76 J
Muzzle velocity: 87 m/s
Body/receiver: Aluminum, nylon fiber
Magazine size and type: 50, transparent mid-cap
Gearbox: -
Hop-up: Adjustable
Blowback: -
Gun length: 1078 mm
Barrel length: 430 mm
Weight: 2850 g
Power source: Spring
Compatible battery/gas type: -
Motor: -
Fire modes: Single shot
Package contents: Gun, fake magazine, magazine, sight rail
Supplier product code: -

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