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Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Tasmanian Tiger Chest Rig LP, ODTasmanian Tiger Chest Rig LP, ODTasmanian Tiger Chest Rig LP, ODTasmanian Tiger Chest Rig LP, ODTasmanian Tiger Chest Rig LP, ODTasmanian Tiger Chest Rig LP, OD
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Tasmanian Tiger Chest Rig LP, OD

The Tasmanian Tiger Chest Rig LP is manufactured by laser cutting, which means it’s as light as it can be. In addition, the structure is light and breathable, because the fabric has a lot of holes and the frame of the chest rig is made up of one piece of fabric. The included set of buckles allows you to attach the chest rig to most plate carriers! Thus, you can use the same pouch set and change the attachment between a harness/plate carrier according to how much protection you’ll need.


The Chest Rig LP is a so-called Split Front chest rig, which means it opens in the middle to make it easier to put on. The harness is H-shaped, which means that compared to the more traditional X model the straps won’t get as tangled on the back! The piece that attaches the straps to each other is of elastic material, which makes the rig conform to the user’s movements.

  • There are 3 × 3 and 2 × 2 MOLLE/PALS matrices on either side
  • A sturdy zipper opening
  • The shoulder straps have padding and loops for securing different things
  • Straps that open with Fastex buckles
  • The extra straps can be secured out of the way
  • The hip strap has two Fastex buckles – you can open it from either side
  • On the inner surface there is hook Velcro to attach it to plate carriers. A buckle set is included to make it possible to attach the rig from the sides and upper edge
  • Manufactured from 700 denier TPU coated Cordura. The coating improves the rig’s wear and tear resistance

Laser cut

The Tasmanian Tiger laser cutting philosophy includes rounded edges, so that pull and tension are not targeted on one point but spread on a larger area. Thanks to the structure and manufacturing the Chest Rig LP is very light – it weighs only 410 grams!

Tasmanian Tiger as a Manufacturer

Tasmanian Tiger is a sister company of Tatonka, which is an old German hiking gear manufacturer. Tatonka makes hiking and camping gear for civilian use. Tasmanian Tiger manufactures the military gear which is used by e.g. the German Bundeswehr.

The products are very durable and of high-quality and they are used by many MIL/LEO authorities around the world.

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