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Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
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Acetech AC6000 ChronographAcetech AC6000 ChronographAcetech AC6000 Chronograph
89,90 €

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Acetech AC6000 Chronograph

The AC6000 is the Ferrari of chronographs, and its special strengths are an excellent OLED display and speed. You can adjust the BB weight straight from the standard screen, which makes it significantly easier to chronograph several different guns and BB weights! The 6000 gets its power from four AAA batteries or a Micro-USB cable.

The most essential features:

  • You can measure the muzzle velocity and energy as well as the rate of fire with this chronograph, measuring range 30-400 m/s and 100-5000 RPM.
  • Five memory slots for different BB weights and diameters. The weight can be set with 0.001 g accuracy, in the range of 0.000-9.999 g
  • The chronograph can also be used to measure other than 6 mm BBs. It can be adjusted between 0.0 – 99.9 mm (note: the size of the opening is 36 mm, we recommend not shooting anything bigger than this through the chronograph).
  • 25 shot memory. You can shoot the rounds successively and examine for example the range of muzzle velocity afterwards. The chronograph can also automatically count the average values for the results.
  • 128 × 128 pixel OLED display and four AAA batteries for a power source (not included).
  • Micro-USB can also be used as power source. However, the batteries or the device can’t be charged with the cable.
  • Automatic switch-off can be adjusted.
  • The contrast and brightness of the display are also adjustable.
  • It has screws at the bottom for a tripod.

Size 130 × 108 × 61 mm
The hole’s bore is 36 mm
Weight (without batteries) 290 g

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