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Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
ARES EFCS Advanced MOSFET Unit (Rear Wired)ARES EFCS Advanced MOSFET Unit (Rear Wired)ARES EFCS Advanced MOSFET Unit (Rear Wired)ARES EFCS Advanced MOSFET Unit (Rear Wired)ARES EFCS Advanced MOSFET Unit (Rear Wired)
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ARES EFCS Advanced MOSFET Unit (Rear Wired)

EFCS – Electronic Firing Control System

EFCS is a MOSFET unit by ARES that replaces the whole trigger switch and it resembles a bit the Airsoft Systems ASCU or the MOSFET unit found in ASG Scorpion EVO 3A1. It considerably improves trigger feel, durability of the electric parts and also current circulation. Like the advanced MOSFET/micro switch units, EFCS also monitors the movement of the sector gear which helps it to prevent the gearbox getting jammed especially in semi-auto. The unit stops feeding power to the motor only after the shot has been completed, regardless of how long you push the trigger.

EFCS units are also capable of firing three round bursts! The programmable features are available with programming module. Besides burst, you can also set the gun to shoot only semiauto.

This unit is compatible with ARES gearboxes designed for the EFCS system. Compared to the standard version, this one has more features. You can utilize all features with the EFCS programming module. The unit is a perfect upgrade to replace the standard version 2 EFCS unit. This version is rear wired and equipped with a Tamiya Mini connector.

Directly available features:

- Improved active brake. The gun completes always a full cycle, in all firing modes.

- Electronic trigger. The gun fires a full cycle with just one touch - also with the 3 round burst!

- Adjustable trigger pull, at the smallest its around 2 mm.

- A light trigger pull

- Maintenance free: grease and dust don't affect the functions

- Long lifetime - the unit withstands even high power, up to 30 amps!

- Error recognition: when the gearbox gets jammed the unit cuts the power automatically.

Features that can be programmed with the module:

1. Safe - semi-auto - full auto

2. Safe - semi-auto - 3 shot burst

3. Safe - 3 shot burst - full auto

4. Safe - semi-auto - semi-auto

The package includes: The unit itself with wires, the tools required for installation and two selector plates (M4 and SR25).

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