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Mint Airsoft 0.25g Biodegradable BBs 4000 Rounds, WhiteMint Airsoft 0.25g Biodegradable BBs 4000 Rounds, White
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Mint Airsoft 0.25g Biodegradable BBs 4000 Rounds, White

Mint Airsoft – Accurate, High Quality, Economical

Mint Airsoft is our very own brand that is meant to fulfill the needs of all guns and users. High quality and even surface ensure that your BBs fly straight, you get the same spin from your hop-up, and they feed in all magazines. These BBs are delivered to us in Turku, Finland straight from the factory, so we managed to keep the price low!

Mint Airsoft BBs are an excellent indicator if a certain gun and/or magazine will not feed BBs. Most of the time the problem is something else than BBs if the combination does not work with Mint Airsoft BBs. Yet another mark for the excellent quality of Mint Airsoft. We recommend!

Check out the official website for Mint Airsoft:

Quantity discount – Buy more for better price!

1-9 bags 16 €/pc.

10- bags 14 €/pc.

Environmental Choice – Without Sacrificing Performance

Mint Airsoft bio BBs are at least as good as their high quality plastic counterparts. In practice, a BB is biodegradable when it dissolves into water, hydrocarbons and other natural substances during a long decomposition process. Regular plastic BBs take hundreds of years to decompose into microplastics that spread to humans and animals alike. So if your game field only allows biodegradable BBs to be used, here is an excellent choice for a bit more ecological airsoft games!

Mint Airsoft BBs are available as biodegrable ranging from 0.20 grams all the way to 0.45 grams!

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