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Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
CYMA Tactical AK-74 (Full Metal), CM077ACYMA Tactical AK-74 (Full Metal), CM077ACYMA Tactical AK-74 (Full Metal), CM077ACYMA Tactical AK-74 (Full Metal), CM077ACYMA Tactical AK-74 (Full Metal), CM077ACYMA Tactical AK-74 (Full Metal), CM077ACYMA Tactical AK-74 (Full Metal), CM077ACYMA Tactical AK-74 (Full Metal), CM077ACYMA Tactical AK-74 (Full Metal), CM077ACYMA Tactical AK-74 (Full Metal), CM077A
279,00 €

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CYMA Tactical AK-74 (Full Metal), CM077A

History of the small caliber AK-74

During World War II Soviet Mikhail Kalashnikov was designing an infantry gun which was meant to be affordable, easily maintained and reliable. Kalashnikov’s assault rifle was introduced in 1947 and it later became known as AK-47.

In accordance with the trend in the 1960s, the Soviet Union also developed a smaller cartridge 5.45×39 mm. It was lighter, it reduced recoil and it had a higher muzzle velocity than the 7.62×39 mm cartridge used in AK-47 and AKM guns. Building upon this cartridge, Kalashnikov designed a new assault rifle, the AK-74, which introduced improvements both in the operation of the gun and with its updated outer parts.

The most apparent differences were the new magazine, muzzle brake, polymer pistol grip, receiver cover, front hand guard and the new design of the stock. Afterwards, the front hand guard and the stock, which were made from plywood, were replaced with polymer alternatives. The magazine, which was a bit orangish, was also replaced with a black one.

Different variants and abbreviations:
  • AKS-74 (Skladnoy – foldable), equipped with a metal folding stock
  • AK-74N (NSPU and NSPUM sights), a AK-74 equipped with a side rail for a sight
  • AKS-74U (Ukorochenniy – shortened), a compact carbine equipped with a shorter front end and a folding stock
  • AK-74M (Modernizirovanniy – modernized), an improved version, equipped with e.g. a polymer folding stock and a side rail for a sight. The gun is sometimes referred to as AK-74MN as well.


In CYMA’s newer AK series, the receiver, the receiver cover and most of the other metal parts have been manufactured from steel, like in firearms, and all of the wooden parts are real wood. The parts fit well together and make the gun extremely sturdy and durable. Realistic feel, durability of the body and the cheap price of different models have made these guns very popular in the whole airsoft community. The AK series guns are a good choice for beginners as well as people seeking realism and people who are looking for a great gun to upgrade later on. The CYMA AK series' guns can also easily handle a bit rougher playing thanks to their robust structure!

The gun is run by a version 3 gearbox and a metal hop-up chamber that are both copies of the famous Tokyo Marui counterpart. Inside the gearbox, there are e.g. steel bushings, gears and a spring guide with ball bearings. The gearbox can easily handle a heavy, about M130 level spring which tells about the gun’s suitability as an upgrade base for higher upgrade builds.

CYMA metal body assault rifle

Full Metal tactical AK-74 is an effective gun for both beginners and more experienced players. Especially the polymer adjustable and folding stock, long handguard and Modular Original Equipment style pistol grip bring the usability of this gun to a new level. The rail on top of the receiver cover is sturdy and a sure way to attach any desired optics to the gun. The QD sling attachment points that are found on the left side can be moved to the other side.

The stock and handguard of the gun are made of polymer. The body, in which you find the gearbox and other critical parts, is made of steel. The outer barrel and front receiver are metal. High and constant 138 m/s muzzle velocity and high-capacity 500 round polymer hi-cap magazine are the gun’s real assets in any battle. Note, however, that straight out of the box the gun’s muzzle velocity is a little too high for most airsoft association’s games. The battery is located under the receiver cover and it fits an AK stick type battery as well as a LiPo battery.

Remember to get a suitable battery and charger

Battery and charger are not included with this gun. To make sure the warranty of your gun is valid, you may use 7.4V LiPo or 8.4V and 9.6V NiCd/NiMH batteries with a maximum capacity of 3100mAh. Using a battery with a higher nominal voltage or capacity voids the warranty.

Are you not sure which battery fits in your gun? Check the nickel battery compatibility table in Tradetech.

Each gun individually tested by us:

The functionality of all our guns is tested and the muzzle velocity measured before shipping. The velocity is measured with a 0.20 g BB and the final muzzle velocity is calculated from the average of five (5) shots. In fact, the muzzle velocities you see in our online shop are approximations reported by the supplier or manufacturer. Thus, the actual muzzle velocity of your gun may differ from the approximation upwards or downwards. However, we always mark the final muzzle velocity on the maintenance and user manual provided with the gun.

Name: CYMA Tactical AK-74 (Full Metal), CM077A
Product code: CM077A
Manufacturer: CYMA
Color: Black
Muzzle energy: 1,91J
Muzzle velocity: 138m/s
Body/receiver: Metal
Magazine size and type: 500, hicap
Gearbox: Version 3
Hop-up: Adjustable
Blowback: -
Gun length: 735/925/990mm
Barrel length: 455mm
Weight: 3520g
Power source: Electric
Compatible battery/gas type: AK-stick/LiPo
Motor: Short
Fire modes: Semi/Full-auto
Package contents: Gun, magazine, cleaning rod
Supplier product code: CM-077A

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