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Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
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Emerson TACO Magazine Pouch Gen. 2 (Rifles), Multicam Tropic

The TACO magazine pouch is an entirely new type of open-top pouch. In addition to the tactical nylon, polymer has also been used in the pouch. The front and back of the pouch are made of Cordura, while the sides are made of polymer. The pouch is held together thanks to elastic bands.
The pouch attaches to PALS loops with the help of the Cordura string, but instead of a snap, the end of the string is plastic-stiffened. The end is folded underneath the PALS loop of the pouch, where it will stay securely, even better than the snaps of some pouches!

When we are talking about an originally American design, M4/M16 series magazines fit the pouch perfectly. Because the polymer edges are only attached to the bottom of the pouch, it stretches to fit rifle and submachine gun magazines of almost any size. Thanks to its hard edges, e.g. AK series and similar magazines with protrusions, fit really well in the pouch, and pulling them out is fast and easy. Thanks to its bending edges, wider 7.62 mm caliber magazines, such as FAL, M14, SR25 and G3 also fit in the pouch. Due to the extra parts, G36 magazines do not necessarily work too well with this pouch. For them, we recommend BE-X or Tasmanian Tiger open-top pouches. Thanks to its elastic shape, the pouch is also suitable for granades, radiophones, and medium/large smartphones, so the use of the pouch is not limited to magazines!

The magazine will remain in place in the pouch thanks to its tight fit, and after more than a year of use, we can conclude that the magazine does not fall out in even the toughest activities! It is, however, possible to install a security loop to the pouch, which can be held in place for example during longer change overs, when there is no need for exchanging the magazine! Another option is to glue Velcro surface to the magazine, which attaches to the Velcro inside the pouch.

The Gen 2 pouch polymer edges have been redesigned, making it even easier to put the magazine in the pouch and to pull it out!

According to information obtained from Emerson, these pouches are made of genuine Multicam Tropic cordura, even with a Crye tag included.

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