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Big Dragon Angled Fore Grip and Thumb Rest, Black

Like the AFG and other grips in an inclined angle, this angled fore grip allows a different grip of a gun, which improves the usability of the gun in certain types of shooting positions. In addition, the included thumb rest that attaches to the side rail, further improves grip and handling of the gun. The thumb rest is suitable for M4 series RIS and RAS rails.

The grip attaches to a normal 20 mm rail.

Big Dragon:

Big Dragon products are manufactured in China and the price is lower than that of better-known manufacturers. However, these are not the same as ACM (All China Made) products and usually the Big Dragon products work well and are of high-quality, but do take into consideration that all of the product’s features are not always as good as those of more expensive brand manufacturers. Thus, please familiarize yourself with the different alternatives before making the final decision to buy a product.

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