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Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Nimrod B6AC V2 Smart Charger for i.a. LiPo, NiCd and NiMH BatteriesNimrod B6AC V2 Smart Charger for i.a. LiPo, NiCd and NiMH BatteriesNimrod B6AC V2 Smart Charger for i.a. LiPo, NiCd and NiMH Batteries
109,00 €

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Nimrod B6AC V2 Smart Charger for i.a. LiPo, NiCd and NiMH Batteries

An upgraded model from the microprocessor guided B6-AC smart charger ensures even more accurate and safer charging. Some upgraded features of the V2 model are Terminal Voltage Control (TVC), PC connection and the possibility to measure internal resistance.

The Nimrod B6AC V2 smart charger is controlled via a handy display, where you can choose for example the battery type, charging current and number of cells. The power supply is directly integrated into the charger, thanks to which you don't need a separate power supply like with some smart chargers. The charger gets its power either from a standard mains current (230V) or even from a car battery (11-18V)! The device is compatible with LiPo, Li-Ion, LiFe, NiCd, NiMH and Pb batteries. The charger is really easy to use, so even inexperienced players learn to use the charger with the help of the included manual. In addition, the charger has a USB interface option for a PC.


  • Different charge and discharge programs
  • Adjustable charge and discharge current
  • Automatic or adjustable terminal voltage control
  • Adjustable maximum charging time and capacity
  • Internal resistance measurement
  • Cell voltage measurement like in a cellmeter
  • 10 save slots for different charging programs
  • USB interface - possibility to use the charger through a PC and thus monitor the charging status
  • Updatable firmware
  • Can be directly plugged into a power outlet (230V) or to a car battery (11-18V)
  • Input voltage monitoring - protects the car battery from depleting


  • Input voltage AC 110-240 V (50-60 Hz), DC 11-18 V
  • Maximum charging power: 50 W
  • Maximum discharge power: 5 W
  • Charging current: 0.1 –- 5.0 A
  • Discharge current: 0.1 –- 1.0 A
  • Compatible with the most common battery types
  • Li-Ion, LiPo, LiFe: 1-–6 cells
  • NiMH and NiCd: 1–-15 cells
  • Lead battery: 2-–20 V
  • Weight: 632 g
  • Size: 135 × 144 × 36 mm

The package includes:

  • Charger
  • Power cord (with an EU Schuko plug that is compatible in Finland and many other European countries)
  • DC (direct current) input connector with crocodile clips (connectors for the battery)
  • Tamiya mini and large charging connectors with 4 mm banana connectors

Charging and discharging programs

The Nimrod B6AC V2 charger offers several different charging and discharging programs for its user. With developed programs and charging algorithms the lifetime of the batteries lasts long and their storage and recovery after prolonged storage is effortless!

1) Lithium battery programs:

  • Standard charging - Charges the battery to the set voltage without balancing (LiPo standard is 4.20V per cell)
  • Balanced charge - Balances the voltages between the cells during charging
  • Quick charging - Charges the battery fast to the set voltage without balancing (LiPo standard is 4.20V). With the fast program the battery doesn't always get to full 100%, but it does charge faster
  • Discharge - discharges the battery to the set voltage (the minimum of which is the set cut-off voltage, which for LiPo is 3-3.3V)
  • Storage - discharges or charges the battery to the set voltage (standard is 3.8V) for a longer storage.

Note! You should charge the lithium batteries with the balance charging so often that the voltage differences between the cells don't vary too much. If the charging time does not matter, you can use the balancing charge every time.

2) Nickel battery programs:

The charging program for nickel batteries monitors the voltage of the battery during charging and stops the process when the battery is full and there is a negative change in the voltage (delta peak sensitivity). The voltage of the delta peak can be adjusted.

  • Standard charge - Charges the battery until it's full
  • Automatic charge - Automatically recognizes and charges the battery. We recommend you set a maximum charge current, so that there is no damage to the battery due to too high a charging current
  • Discharge - Discharges the battery to a set voltage
  • li>Charging/discharging cycle - Completes 1-5 charging/discharging cycles in the battery. A good feature for recovering an out-of-storage battery
  • Re-peak charge - Charges the battery again after the first charge 1-3 times. This program makes sure that the battery is full and also checks how well the battery charges with quick charge.

The adjustments of the charging features

  • Charging and discharging current - With current control the battery can be charged with a fitting current, which adds to safety and battery lifetime.
  • Terminal Voltage Control - feature for advanced users
  • Time limit for the charge - a safety feature prevents the charger from charging the battery too long
  • The capacity limit for the charging - a safety feature that prevents the charge from charging too high a capacity in the battery
  • Rest time - A period when the battery can rest between the charging/discharging cycle
  • Temperature limit for the charge - safety feature which stops the charge if the temperature gets too high. Requires a separate temperature sensor.

User manual

Download an English user manual from here.

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