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Vector Optics Killflash Lens Cover for 50mm Scopes (B Model)Vector Optics Killflash Lens Cover for 50mm Scopes (B Model)Vector Optics Killflash Lens Cover for 50mm Scopes (B Model)
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Vector Optics Killflash Lens Cover for 50mm Scopes (B Model)

True to its name, the Killflash is designed to prevent reflections which might potentially reveal your position to enemies. For airsoft use, it protects the lens from hits.

Its metallic, honeycomb mesh design is very thin yet deep. It allows for a clear view, and won’t interfere with targeting even in dim environments, unlike lens covers made from perforated metal sheet!

This lens cover is compatible with at least the following scope models:

  • Vector Optics Sentinel 4-16×50E-SF, 6-24×50E-SF and 10-40×50E-SF
  • Vector Optics Siegfried 3-12×50 FFP
  • Many other scopes with 50 mm objectives (NOT compatible with the ACM scopes in our store)
  • Outer diameter 57.5 mm
  • Threads M55 x 0.75 mm


The killflash honeycomb is not a 100 % protection for the lens. A BB may split when hitting the honeycomb and a piece may still break the sight lens. According to user experiences, a killflash works usually well as a lens shield, but because there still is a possibility, even though a small one, that the lens will break, a honeycomb is not a 100 % certain protection for the lens and therefore warranty will does not cover a broken lens.

Vector Optics

Sunclear Tac Vector Optics, or Vector Optics for short, is a company which manufactures optical sights, sight mounts, flashlights and other accessories for firearms. Most of the products are made from aluminum and are both shockproof and waterproof. The sights can handle recoil (for example, 5.56×45 and 7.62×51 mm) which means that they won’t adjust on their own because of the recoil or small blows in the ground. Furthermore, the tube-shaped red dot sights and scopes have been filled with nitrogen which prevents the lenses from fogging up on the inside.

5 year warranty

All Vector Optics products have a five-year warranty which covers flaws which come up in normal use, like manufacturing defects. In other words, you can use your product worry-free. And no wonder, because Vector Optics products are from an entirely different planet than products designed only for airsoft. These products can therefore handle a bit rougher going than their airsoft counterparts.

Compatible products

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