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Condor Medium Vertical Utility Pouch, OD (Sidekick Pouch)Condor Medium Vertical Utility Pouch, OD (Sidekick Pouch)Condor Medium Vertical Utility Pouch, OD (Sidekick Pouch)
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Condor Medium Vertical Utility Pouch, OD (Sidekick Pouch)

This Condor Sidekick pouch has been designed as a kind of admin/EDC/utility pouch, and it has been quite successful! Thanks to its low profile, it is suitable for use, as the name suggests, at the side of the vest, without being in the way. The pouch has two smaller pockets and a lot of elastic straps for organizing things, which is why it is well suited for carrying EDC (Everyday Carry) stuff!

  • The Pocket attaches to MOLLE with two hardened detachable straps – You can also use Malice fastenings!
  • The front side has a 2 × 3 PALS webbing, 12 × 7.5 cm Velcro surface for patches, and a fairly flat zippered pocket
  • The main pocket has a two way zipper fastening and the pocket opens up on three sides. The cover can be used as a stand-alone with two strings – organizing things and taking them out is easier
  • The back wall of the pouch has a flat open pocket, the middle part has elastic straps for organising stuff like pens, a multi-tool, scissors, etc.
  • Size 18 × 14 × 4 cm

The sidekick utility pouch is a great pouch for each player’s tools, papers and general necessities. If you are looking for a slightly larger pouch with the same features, check out the Condor Field Office!

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