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Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
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Helikon CPU Ripstop Military Uniform Pants, Camogrom® (similar to Multicam)

The CPU® (Combat Patrol Uniform ®) has got the Helikon mark on it, right down to its design. Body ergonomics, not to forget practicality and durability, has been considered in the cut of these cargo pants. CPU combines features of existing cuts, such as BDU and ACU, creating an even better whole. In addition to good adjustment features in these pants there is a lot of room easily accessible. Specifically, in its price/quality ratio, the CPU is one of the best military uniforms for airsoft, outdoor activities, and why not also just for everyday use!


  • 10 pockets – on the bottom, sides, thighs, shins, and front thighs.
  • The thigh pockets have a diagonal Velcro flap, so the pockets are easier to use also in a seated position. The pockets have a drawstring opening – objects stay inside and the pockets can be used for example as dump pouches!
  • A small pocket can be found in the front side of the side pockets. A clever pocket for things that are needed regularly, such as a smallish light or a multi tool. A 9-mm pistol magazine also fits in the pocket.
  • The shin pockets have a Velcro flap, well suited for carrying for example a dead rag or an additional magazine. The back pockets have button fastening.
  • Double fabric on the knees and groin to increase durability. The knees have Velcro pockets for soft pads.
  • Button fly and adjustable waist.
  • The size of the belt loops is a nice 6 cm. An extra loop in the foremost belt loop, for example for a key chain.
  • The cuffs have nylon ribbons for blousing.

Material 60% cotton / 40% polyester mix, of course ripstop-reinforced.

Camogrom is Helikon’s equivalent of the well-known MultiCam camouflage which is used in the USA and in Poland, among others. The Camogrom camouflage pattern can be used practically anywhere, including Finnish forests, thanks to its shades of green and brown. However, it suits best lush desert landscapes, grasslands and deciduous forests.


Ripstop refers to a special treatment stage during which fabric-reinforcing threads (e.g. nylon) are sewn horizontally and vertically into the fabric forming a net of small squares, around 1 cm in size. This treatment stopping the fabric from ripping, which means that it extends the life span of the piece of clothing. The Ripstop treatment can be made to almost any fabric.

Helikon-Tex – Affordable gear for military use

Helikon-Tex, which is known from the chameleon logo, manufactures clothing and tactical gear and textiles for professional use. The company behind the brand is Polish and the products have even been used by the Polish army. Regardless of the inexpensive prices, Helikon has been able to pay special attention  to both usability and material of their products. These high-quality products can also be used in airsoft and outdoor activities alike. Excellent quality-price ratio!

2-year warranty

Yes, you read it right. Helikon grants its merchandise a two-year warranty. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and flaws, like abnormal wear or the color fading too quickly. The warranty does not cover normal wear or any breaking or tearing caused by the user.

By the way, we order straight from Helikon, so you can easily get all sizes, patterns and colors they have to offer.  Check the range on Helikon's website.

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