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ProTechGuns Bullet Green Gas Bottle, 120ml (Small Bottle)ProTechGuns Bullet Green Gas Bottle, 120ml (Small Bottle)ProTechGuns Bullet Green Gas Bottle, 120ml (Small Bottle)
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ProTechGuns Bullet Green Gas Bottle, 120ml (Small Bottle)

Very small and thus very handy green gas bottle with measurements that fit better into your gear. Up till now, the charging of gas magazines has required either a big enough bag for massive gas bottles or a pistol/magazine that works with CO2 cartridges. In addition, it might have been hard to find a handy place for bigger gas bottles, where you could get your hands on it in every situation to fill the gas tank, not to mention having to fiddle with CO2 cartridges.

The Polish company ProTechGuns has released a simple solution to the problem: a 120 ml Bullet green gas bottle. The bottle suits perfectly for players who struggle with the aforementioned problems and you can even bring several bottles with you onto the field, without risking the practicality of your gear. These bottles can even fit into your magazine pouches! We recommend you take a bigger ProTechGuns Green Gas Bottle with you to the offgame area, where you can fill your magazines between games.

The ProTechGuns green gas is a powerful gas and it gives a good kick to both pistols and assault rifles. It has so much power that it works well even in colder weathers, even under 5°C. Like other green gas gases the ProTechGuns gas contains silicone oil, which lubricates your gun with every shot, so you don’t have to lubricate and clean your gun yourself after every single game.

Gas bottle volumes

In airsoft, it has become a custom to state the gas bottle volumes according to the volume of the whole bottle in milliliters. The amount of the gas itself in the bottles is always smaller than the volume of the bottle. Check the volume of the bottle and the amount of gas in the product description.

  • Total volume of the bottle: 120 ml
  • Amount of gas: 100 ml

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