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ProTechGuns Silicone Oil, 400ml
9,90 €

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ProTechGuns Silicone Oil, 400ml

ProTechGuns is a Polish company that manufactures chemicals for both airsoft and firearm enthusiasts. The company’s experience from both fields ensures that their products get the job done with a reasonable price. The company’s 400ml silicone spray bottle is perhaps the best in the business in terms of price-quality ratio and for an average user it lasts for years. The spray does not contain any substances harmful to plastic or rubber parts.

The silicone oil, next to the silicone based grease, is one of the most important and versatile maintenance supplies for airsoft guns. It is best suited for cleaning and lubricating moving parts, and cleaning the barrel. When used correctly the silicone oil protects the parts, for example the barrel’s inner surface from corrosion and wear, as well as reduces the need to clean the barrel. The silicone spray is also suitable for lubricating seals, like the O-rings of gas guns' magazines, but it wears off quickly due to its small viscosity (=“thickness”). A better alternative for silicone spray for long-term lubrication of seals is a 100% silicone oil that comes from a non-pressurized bottle that has a higher viscosity or an even better alternative: silicone based grease. In airsoft these are often also called cylinder greases.

How to use:

We do not recommend spraying the oil in excess. Too much oil might accumulate extra dirt, which might make the situation even worse. A good way is to first clean the surface with a suitable solvent, for example with the grease remover and afterwards wipe it down with a cloth doused in silicone oil. When cleaning the barrel, you should also dry it out, because too much oil might accumulate dirt and affect the accuracy. Also note, that too much oil in the hop-up bucking’s nub (inside the barrel) might affect the function of the hop.

Useful tip:

The spray is well suited for cleaning out gas guns' valves, because the pressure cleans the valves even from small debris, which might be the reason for why the valves leak. In this case only a protective and clean layer of oil remains. If the valve has rubber seals, this should also be lubricated with silicone grease.

Instructions for barrel cleaning

You can also find instructions for cleaning the barrel of an airsoft gun on Tradetech!

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