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AirsoftPro Metal NBU Nozzle with Two O-Rings, Model 7 (25.00mm)
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AirsoftPro Metal NBU Nozzle with Two O-Rings, Model 7 (25.00mm)

The CNC machined aluminum NBU nozzle is a durable and tight choice for stock as well as upgraded guns. The distinctive structure and the O-rings that improve sealing ensure that you won’t lose your gun’s power because of poorly designed parts. AirsoftPro nozzles maximize the amount of air pressure led to the BB, so that the performance truly matches the gun’s power.

We also recommend that you check your gun’s piston and cylinder head as well as the hop-up chamber and the bucking to achieve a better air seal.

Check out nozzles article in Tradetech! You can find nozzle lengths of different manufacturers in an easy-to-read table which helps you to look for e.g. a longer nozzle for your gun, if the current nozzle is not the right size!

Material: aluminum
O-Rings: 2 pcs.
Weight: 1.1 g
Length: 25.00 mm

Bore-Up, increased air volume

Bore-Up refers to parts which have a larger diameter than normal providing an increased air volume. Thanks to the higher volume, they work best with powerful guns with long barrels, and with short stroked pistons/gears. Guns that use Bore-Up parts often have a proprietary nozzle, cylinder head, cylinder and piston head that are all larger in diameter. In other words, please pay attention to the compatibility of the parts when you purchase Bore-Up parts.

Bore-Up parts are sometimes also called New Bore-Up parts. These should not be mistaken for Non Bore-Up parts that are internal parts with a normal diameter. Confusingly, the acronym of both of these terms is NBU.

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