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Checkout - Oma maksutapa kaikille
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Hakkotsu Thunder B Cylinder Sound Grenade Shells 12pcs

Thunder B is developed by APS and is a CO2 operated projectile sound grenade. In appearance, the grenades resemble the military hand grenades. The grenade does not include any pyrotechnics and is completely firesafe. The shell of the grenade is disposable, but the core is reusable. The grenade can also be filled with e.g. potatoflour to create a visual effect!

Note! The grenade should be handled with care, because according to the manufacturer, the decibels of the grenade explosion can be as high as 130 dB. Also in private use volumes over 100dB have been measured.


The grenade spoon is firmly attached to the body of the core. The spoon keeps the grenade’s striker down. As it releases, the striker hits the firing pin, which launches the CO2 cartridge. The CO2 flows under the shell and eventually the pressure breaks the shell. The shell cracks and the expansion of the gas produces a loud bang. The grenade is designed to break along the seam, so that extra shards or shell pieces that might injure a human won’t come off. The ignition timing depends on, for e.g. the expansion speed of the gas, so it is difficult to specify an exact time. Generally, however, it is around a few seconds.

The shell is made of HDPE plastic. The package contains 12 shells.

For booby traps etc. shorter ignition timings, we recommend Thunder B Shocker model. Core, shell, shell and core.

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