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Paytrail - Oma maksutapa kaikille

Thank God It's Friday Everyday

29.7.2021. 22.9.2000. 10.10.1990. 4.11.1985. 30.12.1970. WTF? Click here to find out more.

Earth Overshoot Day is the day on which mankind has used up all the resources our planet can sustainably provide for one year. As decades have passed, this day has been dragged closer toward midsummer.

For this reason, we at Tradesoft consider all kinds of shopping festivals and over-the-top sales campaigns as a pure vanity. Our philosophy and modus operandi is to sell functioning and durable products all around the year. Products you don’t have to replace all the time. In addition, we support the trade of second-hand gear by maintaining the consumer-to-consumer based website. The Earth cannot afford continuous overconsumption. So let us all use our wit and buy just the things we need, when we need them, so we don’t have to wait for the next orgy of consumption. All of this also underlines why we at Tradesoft enjoy a regular Friday, every day.